Thursday, March 16, 2023

Louis Koziarz pinball files: Jack*Bot

Documents that Louis Koziarz has shared, this time related to Jack*Bot.


William, 1995

Jack*Bot #Pinball, how it started: We bought a Pinbot, ripped out the playfield, tore out the harness,and wired up a WPC harness to it. And that was the whitewood for the first four months.

was a bit of spy work involved with getting that Pinbot. The biggest help was Rick S, a friendly local collector who we swore to secrecy. But the whole ask was a bit out of the ordinary.

"Can you help us find a Pinbot? And can we get it in the next 48 hours?"

Jack*Bot #Pinball, how it ended: Field test game #1 at the Old Town Ale House, Chicago. Drinking a toast with Larry DeMar (LED) and Jim Patla. I'm not even sure the Ale House served champagne. Maybe Larry brought it along?

Louis Koziarz pinball files: industry files

These are things Louis Koziarz shared that aren't tied to one specific game, and give broader views of the pinball industry and development process.

More #pinball artifacts from Williams. This chart is one of my favorite, it's the master project list from around 1996 or so. There are all the familiar games here, and a lot of abandoned prototypes or cancelled projects. It's worth a whole thread on its own.

Project 90004 "Armed and Dangerous" was a Gomez shooting game. Kind of like Hyperball but with flippers and standard balls. Games would be linked with a serial cable.

#Pinball designer George Gomez, looking really pleased that Armed and Dangerous got cancelled. You can see the whitewood over there on the left.

Louis Koziarz pinball files: No Good Gofers

 These are tidbits that Louis Koziarz has been sharing on Mastodon.

No Good Gofers

Williams, 1997

Back to #pinball concept art. Meet Bud.

Gofer evolution. The macquette was carved by Youssi as our visual guide to Buzz. (More on that first guy later).

Dave Link sculpted it into a 'squarish' target that filled the mechanical space and wouldn't fall apart when hit. Then it was molded in different materials like sticky rubber and hard Delrin until we found something that felt right.

Louis Koziarz pinball files: Tales Of The Arabian Nights

Louis Koziarz has a decade of pinball credits, for both design and software.  From Theatre of Magic for Midway in 1995, to NASCAR / Grand Prix for Stern in 2005.  They are on Mastodon sharing some incredible things, and I am boosting them here.  These posts will be compiled one per game.

Please show Louis some love for their incredible contributions to the industry.  

These have been reposted without express permission.

Tales Of The Arabian Night

Williams, 1996

First whitewood. See if you can spot all the changes from the final version. The actual playfield shot geometry didn't change at all, but the ramps did.

Note the "open sesame" cave that was trying to have two positions (partially open and fully open). And the vanishing magnet was on that small standup off the left ramp. The mech is awesome, but not in that position. Capturing the ball was impossible.

Saturday, March 4, 2023

scans: Taito service bulletins 1980-1983

John of John's Jukes ( has scanned in his binder of Taito service bulletins!

Download them all at the Internet Archive.

They range from 1980-1983, and include service notes for these games:

  1. Alpine Ski
  2. Change Lanes
  3. Colony 7
  4. Crazy Climber
  5. Electric Yo Yo
  6. Front Line
  7. general
  8. Grand Champion
  9. Jungle Hunt
  10. Kram
  11. Lock N Chase
  12. Lunar Rescue
  13. Moon Shuttle
  14. Polaris
  15. Qix
  16. Space Chaser
  17. Space Dungeon
  18. Space Invaders
  19. Stratovox
  20. Wild Western
  21. Zarzon
  22. Zookeeper

some examples:
Grand Champion steering assembly

Thursday, March 2, 2023

[translation] Further Efforts to Ensure Business Compliance with Laws and Regulations Results of Fact-Finding Survey on "Invader" TV Game Machines

Space Invaders survey time!  This article looks at the impact of Space Invaders in 1979.

This article first appeared in Game Machine No. 128 – Oct. 01, 1979 (pages 18-21).  It has been transcribed and translated by tweakbod (at Gaming Alexandria).

Download a PDF with the English translation and Japanese transcription.

First paragraph:

Since last year, TV game machines that emit strange electronic "kyūn-kyūn" sounds, the so-called "invaders," have exploded in popularity among young people and invaded Japan in the blink of an eye. However, this extraordinary boom has led to the emergence of various forms of misconduct, such as theft and extortion for game money by boys who are hooked on the game, and also to the emergence of those operating in a way that stimulates the gambling spirit, such as offering prizes for the results of games, which has become a major social problem.

Read the rest in the PDF.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

scans: Gremlin/Sega service notes, Japanese flyers + Amusement magazine + 1978 arcade machine book

 A huge update!

John of John's Juke's ( has graciously scanned in his binder of technical notices from Gremlin / Sega games.  They can all be found here:  Gremlin / Sega service notes (Internet Archive)

The PDFs are broken down by game, and one for notices specific to the G-80 system, and then general Gremlin tech notices.

  1. 005
  2. Astro Blaster
  3. Borderline
  4. Buck Rogers
  5. Carnival
  6. Digger
  7. Eliminator
  8. Frogger
  9. G-80 system notes
  10. general Gremlin tech notices
  11. Monaco GP
  12. Monster Bash
  13. Moon Cresta
  14. Pengo
  15. Space Firebird
  16. Space Fury
  17. Space Odyssey
  18. Space Tactics
  19. Star Trek
  20. Sub Roc
  21. Sub Roc 3d
  22. Super Zaxxon
  23. Tac Scan
  24. Tranquilizer Gun
  25. Turbo
  26. Zaxxon
  27. Zektor

as an example, here is a Star Trek cabinet wiring diagram

another example: check out this lovely Zaxxon joystick diagram

I purchased these 3 Japanese arcade flyers and to share them with the world.  The pics embedded open to high res, but also there are links to the PDFs on the Internet Archive.

つり大会 (Fishing Tournament) by 昭和遊園 (Showa Yuen)
from 1970 or earlier: this game as listed as being at Expo 70

Toreador Spain - 闘牛 (Bullfighting)
the earliest date we've recorded is an appearance in a 1975 publication

1985 ゴールキーパー  (goalkeeper) by 三和電子 (Sanwa Electronics)

A friend and I went together and purchased a stack of Amusement Sangyo magazines (and I think there's a Coin Journal in there,) and as he scans them I'll be sharing them here.  Here's the first one!

A different friend had the 1978 machine directory and scanned it for me.  I am elated that I get to share this with you all.  This is an extremely rare document of Japanese arcade history.