Sunday, November 27, 2016

Introducing... Hollywood Heat

Oh what is that we have here?  Another classic Gottlieb/Premier game, from my same friend who lent me the Arena and notorious Raven to work on.

First things first:  Let's open it up and take a quick look inside an--WOAH WOAH WOAH WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?

That there is the entire transformer block, normally secured to the bottom of the cabinet, wedged at the back.  NOT A GOOD SIGN.
We reattached it, but can quickly see some of the wires are busted off the bridge rectifiers, and zero of the Gottlieb ground mods have been done.

This game is not going to be powered on for a bit, and only in the most cautious step-by-step manner.

wait wut?
What you're looking at above is the collection of elastics and random plastic bits that were used instead of flipper rubbers.  Another bad sign.  This game was kept operational by someone that couldn't even be bothered to acquire FLIPPER RUBBERS.

upper-left mini playfield

There are two missing posts on this playfield, along the left hand side.  I cleaned up the holes and took a closer look and...

You can see metal in them there holes!  That's a very bad sign, meaning these screwed in posts were somehow snapped or sheared off.  WHY????  It will be an immense struggle to try and get proper posts back in to there.
And I actually HAVE the posts, stored from various pasts playfields I've stripped to become wall-hangers.

The ramp had a cupped melty spot thanks to E-Z-Baking from the flasher below.
The front posts also seem a bit odd.  Let's take a better look.

a better shot of the melty spot on the ramp
 Oh wait, yeah, I don't think those posts were correct:
comparison of the posts used, vs what should be there

Someone really must have hated those pointy posts!   These holes will need to be filled and redrilled so proper posts can go in.
The posts in there are actually double the diameter of the standard posts, so that means the ramp shot window is lessened by an entire width of that proper post on the right.

More stuff!  The one-way gate on the left inlane was entirely missing.  I found one place that had the gate bracket, one place that had the gate wireform.  I literally had to order these from two different places.

Right slingshot (we are looking from above) had a snapped switch.  The other switch wasn't perfect, but still perfectly functional.  Ordered a replacement switch and installed it.
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shop job continues! 
Slowly but surely...