Sunday, March 20, 2016

pinball party status report

Had a PWO meetup and as we all know, inviting people over for a night is the best way to stress test your machines.  Here's how they all stood up.

The ball gets stuck up at the top a lot.  Unsure if just a diverter issue, or it is bounces awkwardly and that is why it sits between the first and second exits.
Magnet sometimes does not grab the ball.  I think when I realigned that upper flipper I put it too far to the right and now there is less friction for the ball, so it sails past.

Jurassic Park:
After 2 hours, the DMD kept resetting, showing the software version.  I opened it up and noticed one of the screws was missing from the board, so perhaps was losing it's grounding.  I moved around the screws, but will have to go buy a proper replacement.

The standups certainly need reinforcement / rebuilding.  I think all of the Data East standups are super rare to find replacements for.

Lord Of The Rings:
Palantir target might need adjusting, as direct hits send the ball up to smack the glass.
The sword lock (white post) doesn't stop the ball properly, and balls are jumping out of the lock.
And finally by the end of the night, the DMD itself just went out!  Gone!  No idea what happened, but it was time for bed anyways.  The next day I turned the machine on, and it was fine. 

Apollo 13: 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Apollo 13: moon magnet is GOOOOOOOOO!

*phew* what a ride it's been with Apollo 13, but I am ecstatic to report the moon is back in action and kicking butt.

We replaced the banged-up magnet, the shorted coil, and rebuilt the moon driver board.
Then we replaced a bunch of stuff on the control board, which might have ended up being unnecessary.  Why?  Because we had the wrong transistor on the moon aux driver board!
We used an IRF540 transistor, instead of the proper replacement IRL540.
Huge thanks to Ottawa tech Sylvain for spotting our problem.

Either way, here it is in glorious action.


All that remains is fitting a new plastic above the moon standups so that the ball doesn't get stuck in there.  I had tried re-glueing and reinforcing the broken old plastic, but that lasted less than a day with the ball getting whipped at it.