Saturday, January 30, 2016

quick gameroom update

Things have been on the move!
Alien Poker left, Corvette left in a play trade for Lord Of The Rings, and a friend lent me her Jurassic Park.

On top of that I scored 9 new marquees, sold one, and got my Super Score backglass sealed and on the wall.  So happy to have that one, and it's the perfect image for the back room:  women playing pinball!

Here, some pics...
panorama!  Click to embiggen
Note the S.T.U.N. Runner marquee by the X-Arcade tankstick, and at the top of the machines there is a 2nd row with Q-Bert, Marble Madness, and Centipede.  Depending on how tall you are and what game is in front, visibility is variable.

maximalist re-hang

this is what's in the corner, partially obstructed by the JP
And behind the LOTR I had room for this little guy Tempest!  (Irish version, my fave)
And yup, these are all original, except for Marble Madness, which is a top quality reproduction on glass.
Writeups coming soon!