Sunday, July 21, 2013

Break Shot: documenting the issues

I haven't had much time for pinball in the last little bit since I was prepping for a gig, but finally want to take a moment to go over the Break Shot machine.

There isn't a lot wrong with it, but there is one major flaw I found: the mini upper flipper is really sticking, making it weak and reliable.

this video shows under the playfield and how sticky it is compared to the main flippers.
I also thought there might be an end-of-stroke issue, as sometimes when it did flip it didn't hold any force on the ball, but I will investigate that once I get this taken care of.
Worst case scenario, people apparently swap out the Capcom flippers for Williams ones.  But at first I hope to try and clean it:
1) tear down miniflipper to clean in hopes it will operate properly

The software is 1.3 which apparently is the latest, but despite that I've come across another weird issue:  When I tilt, the machine just hangs.  It doesn't start next ball, the Start button does nothing.  The game is on, the TILT screen is on the DMD, and then that's it.    You have to turn it off and on again to proceed.
2) find why machine freezes when at TILT.

And aside from those issues, I want to do the basics:
3) clean and wax
4) level the legs

I was considering replacing the backglass art with a less douchey image, since alternates are available, but in the end we decided that we're ok with it as ridiculous kitsch.

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