Sunday, September 7, 2014



Yessssss, just in time to hopefully sell it, Surf Champ is playing 100%.

Without a tilt, you forget sometimes how MUCH a tilt bob adds to the game.  The drama of each shake!  The trepidation of each potential save!

I used alligator clips to wire in the tilt bob.  I like this method, similar to how I set it to free play, because it is easily disabled when need be.

I was also not happy with the final ball performance, ye olde BX relay.  Final balls means double bonus automatically, so this was important!  But it turns out the BX was fine, and it was other sub relays controlling the double bonus.  I cleaned them, and also cleaned the player unit in the head, and now it is running A-OK.
The player unit position was the main component in the circuit for those sub relays, so by far the most obvious part to approach.  Sanded it down, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol...

then used some fabbo PBR grease on the contacts:

Surf Champ is an awesome game.  Now, it is also perfect.

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