Monday, March 9, 2015

How to play Arena...

Finally got the translite back on (had to fix one of the plastic channels) and got the playfield glass back on.  Took a bunch of Windex and elbow grease to clean the playfield glass.  Then I addressed the gunk hidden in the cab's channels and was able to get a bunch of filth out of there, so hopefully the glass won't stick any more.

But I also played a bunch and quickly got in to the winning combo and fully realize why you'll probably never see this machine in competitions.  This game is fabulous, but has one fatal flaw:  The Million Points shot.
There is litereally no point to go for anything else but that, over and over again.  It doesn't get any hard to go for it.
The game should have that as 200k or 300k, and allow it be boosted 3 or 4 times by the playfield multiplier or something like that.  Even if it was just 200k, it'd still be a great shot and somewhat lucrative!  But at a million, everything else falls to the back.

Plunge the ball, preferably in to the lit million shot.
Ball feed out and over the "T" in PIT, to right flipper.
Shoot up center, hitting the "I" rollover, and ball will continue and hit "P", then return to left inlane.
Ball should have enough speed to bounce to right flipper if you just hold it up
Shoot the ramp.  Now that PIT is lit, you get to try that million points shot again.

This KILLS ME.  This game has SO MUCH going for it.  I want to hack the ROM so it only awards the 200k because this is SUCH a cool game, thrown  out of wack by that one value.  Ok, that might still make PIT lucrative as it is relatively safe.
So, maybe each time you make PIT you have to light it an extra time?  Oh to lost potential.

I GOT IT:  First, skill shot is now 250k.  Then after first round of PIT, you have to light both CYS targets to be able to recollect PIT letters.  BOOM.  There is some fine risk/reward.
Then the guard shots, which are AWESOME, have some lucrative value in lighting that extra ball.
And multiball, the other big goal, is still worthwhile to yield a bucket of points.

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