Saturday, September 26, 2015

Corvette: kickback, optos, light socket

Now that I have the parts I ordered to the Ottawa Pinball show, it's time to get back to work!

There are a few little things to do on Corvette.

first was replacing the kickback plunger with a new one, plus cleaning that general area.
no fear, i took this assembly out and cleaned everything.

old kickback vs new one
The kickback wasn't struggling, but I figured with the plastic bit crumbling away, time to replace it.

I also got a bunch of spare 555 bulb twist-and-lock sockets.  One under the playfield had snapped, so now I have replacements.

This still leaves me with 2 issues to figure out:
Modes started up the right ramp (CMIYC and Drag Race,) sometimes eject balls in to the shooter lane at the start of the mode.  CMIYC, multiball is only when you win [which is hard,] and while the drag race is easy, the balls should only be ejected at the end of it.
Since replacing the LT5 ramp, the lock kickout sometimes struggles, and I can't tell what's different.

For the right ramp I thought maybe the opto was dirty, and I was at least correct that there was dirty there.
this is the plate with the optos

the gunk that had been wiped off
After the cleaning, no change in behaviour.  still the occasional misfires.  I have no idea if has anything to do with this opto, but I do know that when I did not have it plugged in after rebuilding the playfield, it would ALWAYS behave in the wonky manner.

Intermittent problems are the WORST.

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