Friday, December 18, 2015

Alien Poker: done!

Well let's see, all the flippers are rebuild, entire new brackets installed to replace the 2 cracked coilstops, and oh how it plays!

Well, there was one issue:  with the new resistors in place, I noticed that one was exceedingly hot!  Gah touched it by accident.
It was so bad that I could turn the game on, and after 2 minutes of attract mode I could turn the game off, moisten a q-tip, and touching the resistor would cause a SIZZLE.

Based on this note at pinwiki, all signs pointed to the ICs sitting just above the resistor column.
They will always be warm, but what had happened previously was that one resistor had gotten SO HOT that it had desoldered itself.  Yeesh

Now with the ICs socketed and replaced, the heat levels are nominal.
All good, and ready to go.  Time to get some more games in before Alien Poker leaves me on Tuesday!

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