Saturday, April 6, 2013

Critical issue: initialization problem

Popped in a quarter last night and uh oh, things just kept on grinding, the lights on the drop targets kept going on-and-off, and the ball never popped out.  The machine was stuck in its initialization loop!

This is the first critical issue.  That is, the first issue that totally impedes regular play.

Open it up inside, and here is the score counter unit continuing endlessly:

Each cycle, some lights on the playfield go off and on as well.  Here's a nicer photo of the scoring unit.   Or at least what I assume is the score unit.  :)

I already placed an order for a repair guide from The Pinball Resource, but that won't arrive for a while.

I found this great page that describes the initialization routine for Royal Flush.

Here it is, copy-and-pasted:
1. Inserting a coin or pushing the replay button actuates 'S' relay (Start relay).
2. This relay will lock-in through its own switch and a motor 2B switch.
3. 'S' relay starts the motor running.
4. 'AX' relay actuates and the 'coin' unit resets through switches on 'U' and 'S' relays and a switch on motor 1D. 'Q' and 'U' relays de-energize when 'AX' relay operates.
5. When 'AX' relay actuates, the reset relays 'Z1' and 'Z2' are energized in sequence by rivets on the 'Player' unit, through switches on 'AX' relay.
5a. Motor 1A steps the 'Player' unit, through switches on 'AX' relay and 'P5B', to the 20th position energizing 'Z1'.
5b. When 'Z1' is energized the 1st and 2nd player score units reset to zero through switches on motor 1A, motor 4A and 'Z1'. When all score units of the 1st and 2nd player are at zero the player unit steps to the 21st position through a normally closed switch on 'Z2' and normally closed switches on all score units of the 1st two players, actuating 'Z2' relay. The 3rd and 4th player score units now reset through switches on motor 1A, motor 4A, and 'Z2'. The player unit continues to its zero position through the closed switches on 'Z1', 'Z2', 'P5B' and motor 1A until 'P5B' opens.
6. When 'P5A' on the player unit closes, 'AX' and 'BX' relays reset through motor 2C and switches on 'U', 'O', and 'R' relays. The reset cycle is now complete.
7. Inserting additional coins or pushing the replay button will step the 'coin' unit to a maximum of 3 (4 players) through switches on 'U' and 'S' relays and a switch on motor 1D. The replay button circuit opens when 'coin' unit is on 3rd position.
8. Place the ball in the out hole. The ball return switch closes and completes the circuit to 'O' relay through the normally closed switches on 'A', 'AX', and 'Q' relays. 'O' relay locks-in through its own switch and a switch on motor 2B. When 'O' relay is energized, motor 4C actuates the ball return coil (which kicks the ball onto the runway) through a switch on 'O' and a normally closed switch on 'BX' relay. The ball is now on the runway and is ready to be put into play.
9. The remaining balls that enter the outhole are kicked across the trough switch which pulls in 'P' relay. 'P' relay runs the motor. Switches on 'U', motor 2C, 'P', 'BX', and motor 1A advances the 'Player' unit the required number of steps determined by the 'Player' unit switches and the 'Coin' unit.
What's all that gobbledygook?  Well if you remember from the brief look inside, each relay is clearly marked.  Let's take a better look.

In my video I take a quick peak at the relays and check for action.  Why?  Because I found this video on youtube where someone was having a  similar problem, but you could see movement on the their AX relay.
I also checked inside the backbox and nothing was firing in there.

I do not have the skills to diagnose/clean /fix the issue now, but will simmer on it.  I got an email to check the coin slot for a stuck coin, but that was clean, no issue.  That might have been the issue before when I saw it continually add players, but the machine can't get out of the "clearing" mode and on to adding any additional players.

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