Friday, August 2, 2013


Royal Flush is gone.  We hired a guy to help me get it up the stairs and out to it's new home.
Taking off the playfield glass and playfield made getting it up the stairs a SNAP!
So much easier.  We didn't even bother opening the package of moving straps I had purchased in anticipation.

The games now have a lot more space, which is useful since I now want to get deep in to them and starting work on fixing and cleaning.

looking more sparse, but I need the access.

I also decided to spray the backs of my video game marquees.  I saw a tip in an arcade restoration video where you can seal the current cdamage level by doing a few layers of "triple thick" on to the back.  I couldn't find it at Home Depot, but found it at Michael's.  So yay, hopefully they won't degrade any further.

note:  this bottle did 3 coats of the 3 marquees, and then was empty, that's it.

I will still stay on the lookout for games on my wantlist:  Gladiators, and Baywatch.   The way I'm feeling about things, if I found both of those right now I'd probably sacrifice R&B over Break Shot.  Break Shot is such a fun game in it's current state, and it will be even better once I fix the mini upper flipper.

I have also decided to let go of the dream of owning Future Spa.  Instead, I shall just hunt for the backglass art and hang that on my walls instead.
If I could find the Future Spa trans-lite, as well as a few others, I will put them up on the side walls.  There are so many from the 50s to late 70s that I'd like to get. (Buccaneer, 2001, Coquette, Gay 90s, etc)

I am also looking for some more video marquees:  Altered Beast, Rampage, Marble Madness, Willow, Cameltry, Crystal Castles, Smash TV, Joust, Karnov, etc.

I would like to end with a shot of misc things I discovered to be incredibly useful in this journey:

from left to right: 
a beverage holder that can be attached to a pinball leg
LED lamp for getting inside
moving straps
a magnet tool, for pulling balls out of the trough
digital level
a roll of velcro straps
mother's carnauba wax (BECAUSE IT SMELLS SOOOO GOOOD)


  1. Just wanted to add that you need to change those start and fire buttons on your Bullwinkle machine. Below are links to the original parts:

    1. The Boris button is on my upcoming-order list, but I don't care so much about the Start button. I like mine, and the "official" one is just generic Data East button.