Thursday, August 22, 2013

ordering parts

I placed my first big order for the new machines!   When it was just the Royal Flush, had everything I needed, but with these newer ones I went to Marco Specialties to get my parts.

I researched all of the issues with my machines, decided on what could be done, made a big list, added everything to my cart, got to the checkout, and....  lost my confidence.  The total was just too high, what with conversion, international shipping, and the taxes + duty prepaid.  (TIP:  If in Canada, be wary of how your stuff is shipped to you because the "convenience charge" of not having a customs broker is like $65 and is a scandalous USPS/UPS ripoff)

So tonight I broke it down: 
List 1 is of things that I need to fix and/or maintain.
List 2 is of things that will make the machines prettier.

So here's what I ended up going for:
For Break Shot:
Rollover switch & bracket assembly kit #A-12688-1 $8.95 
Spring - Capcom compression  $1.35   #SG-00126
5 x Rubber ring - Black 27/64" or 7/16" OD   $0.29    #38-2764B
4 x  Rubber sleeve - black 7/8" 545-5009-00  $0.59

that will hopefully allow me to replace the bad rubbers, tighten up the center post, and fix the dead right inline switch.

For Rocky & Bullwinkle
kicker level assembly  #515-5016-00  $9.95
spring extension $0.90  #265-5000-00  (to go with the above kicker, in case I muck up the replacement fix)
3 x  Foam pad .6 in x .4 in x .25 in    $0.23   #626-5069-00
Switch - subminiature with actuator    $6.00   #180-5064-01
ROCKY & BULLWINKLE (DE) EPROM ROM0 A1.30    $10.00   #EPROM2198
ROCKY & BULLWINKLE (DE) EPROM B5GameA1.3    $10.00   #EPROM2197
This will allow me to fix the ball drain kicker, replace the standup target pads (btw I have 3 non-standard targets...), fix the Hat Trick switch, and get the game up to the final version of code.

And general parts:
2x  Rubber protector 20" long standard   $3.95/ea    #23-6534
4 x  Nut 3/8-16 hex 5/8" flat to flat LLN    $0.18   #4422-01117-00

In total  $120.70 CAD after conversion, duty, taxes, and shipping.

When I have money enough, I will eventually do a cosmetic order with new decals, plastic guards, LEDs, the Boris button, and a score card.


  1. Here's my log of the progress on my machine:

    1. this is super useful, thank you!
      Can you do me a favour and take a snapshot of your CN2 connector on the power board?
      I think I have an extra wire dangling from mine and want to be sure... A yellow extra wire bit is on it, even though that doesn't show in schematics, and it doesn't connect to anything, but not sure if I accidentally jostled something loose.