Monday, September 9, 2013

the order arrived, buuuuut....

Got my order in from Marco Specialties:

I how everything is labeled.
I do not like how a tiny 9 oz box cost $29 to mail.
Also 2 switches were not sent, but they did not refund any shipping, duty, or taxes that I had paid.
They at first said 1 would not be sent, but when it arrived both were missing, and only after did they offer to send a refund for the 2nd switch.

I wanted to immediately get up to version 1.3 so I checked this web site and figured I could install the ROM chips!
I was wrong.  I suck.

I now have them installed but I am having power issues again and the game partially loses power to the CPU and uhhh yeah that sucks.  I kind of wish I waited and got a professional to show me how.

I am leaving it for the night, will dive in again later this week.

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