Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rocky & Bullwinkle hat trick switch

One thing I'm learning here is to apply your newly gained/practiced knowledge against your earlier issues whenever possible.

I went back to Rocky & Bullwinkle, where the hat trick diverter has never worked since I got it.  The switch wasn't responding, which means shooting the hat trick doesn't dunk the ball in to the VUK hole.

After spending a lot of time with wiring diagrams, I decided to pull out the R&B schematics and verified the switch matrix wire colours that correspond to the first left orbit switch.
I pulled up the playfield and found them and the connector that put them in to the loop.  It is important to note that a whole bank of switches wasn't disabled, so the receiving connector is fine, they are passing their signal along it's merry way to the other switches in line.

the connector, disconnected.
The bottom wires run up to the switch on the playfield.  I couldn't tell how secure and snug of a connection they were making, especially since I see the plastic wire coating on the terminating end.
I got out my dental pick (really, the most functional tool for pinball repair ever) and jammed the wires deeper in to the connector. 
I also took a small piece of electrical tape, cut the width in half, and used that as a ribbon to secure that sub-connector to the wired connector.  Plugged it back in to the chain, booted it up and LO! The Hat Trick worked!
The diverter is lightning fast, captures the ball in the VUK, and I am treated to the PROPER Hat Trick animation.  Ball is then fed, oh so conveniently, to the left flipped.

Suddenly, the game becomes MUCH easier.  :)

So... I guess I'm on fire tonight with the whole "figuring things out" groove.  Another problem solved.

Strike off #10, and let's updates #13 and #5 to be more specific...
1) replacing the SAVED decals.
2) wire Lion to 32 V instead of 50 V
3) replace the back box hat trick padding
4) replace plastic Lion in hat trick
5) try troubleshooting audio connections: excessive hum + hum sound oscillating with light show
6) replace ball drain kicker
7) find a replacement WABAC ramp.
8) Update ROMs to 1.3
9) remove pop bumper screw.
10) repair first left orbit switch so that the diverter can work and the back glass animation can be awesome once more.
11) level the legs
13) diagnose fix power board issues / replace/resolder capacitors
14) replace beer seal
 15) adjust flippers to the dots

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