Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Royal Flush: simplifying the schematics

NOTE:  I don't even have Royal Flush any more, but I realized I had this in my drafts folder from 4 months ago and never posted it.  I liked what I did, so thought best to put it up for future Royal Flush owners.

I posted the full schematics 2 posts back, but I'm working on the startup.  Let's simplify things.
I've taken the schematics and edited it down to just the relays used in startup.
GONE:  All lights, transformer, scoring, chimes, flippers, replay, etc.
ADDED: all useful relay labels


I also received the suggestion to work to isolate the problem, so I disconnected the coin door, the back box, and the playfield.  Same issue continues: the motor still runs.
but at the very least, we know the issue is now down in the box.

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