Saturday, September 14, 2013

Break Shot updates

A few things done on Break Shot:

I have to find how to reduce the power of the pop bumpers, I think they are just going a bit too rough.
In the options there is a solenoid strength item, but it hasn't seem to effect the pop  bumpers when I brought it from 12 to 4 or so.  But it does seem to let the flippers be better?  I'm not sure, I will have to play more.
Capcom flippers aren't super awesome, mostly because they have no EOS (end-of-stroke) and instead rely on circuiry.  They couldn't catch balls with much reliability, sometimes losing their strength.
Flippers have an initial stroke at high voltage to kick the flipper upwards, and then a lesser voltage stroke to hold the flipper in place.  On Break Shot it wasn't holding so well when a high-velocity ball came at it, but that seems different now that the solenoid option has changed.  Maybe it was overcharged?
But still, the pop-bumpers seem too strong, especially since they don't really DO much of anything in this game.  So to add to the list:
10) modify strength of pop bumpers, if possible

Remember that dead right inline switch?  Yeah well turns out the switch is fine, just misaligned.  I press down hard with my finger, made it click, and it registered fine.  I can't believe I didn't think to troubleshoot it fully before!!!!
So now I have a backup rollover switch for it, because after bending the switch on the PF to be a bit more pronounced, it works fine.  Yay!  Well, as it turns out it doesn't actually DO much in regards to game play, but it makes a sound when the ball goes over... so... yay?

8) replace dead inline switch
oh inline switch, if only you were USEFUL as well!

I remembered a video from TNT Amusements that the giant capacitors in the Capcom games posed issues with their sheer girth, and they recommended binding them.  So I attached a zip-tie around each pair, as precaution.

my capacitance brings all the boys to the yard

In testing the switches, I realized something important:  The left slingshot was WEAK.  It was barely having an impact on ball travel beyond the rubber bounce.
I took a look, and found it was out of whack.  It is a bit bent, but can probably be appropriately realigned.  We shall see.

Rear view of left slingshot.  We see it is sitting at the back of the slot, most likely bent by impacts.

For comparison,  the right slingshot is effective, and rest far off the back wall.
So add to the list:
11) correct left slingshot.

Oh and the flipper position needs adjustment.  See future post.
12) adjust flipper position to the dots

so this calls for a list update:
1) tear down mini-flipper to clean in hopes it will operate properly. (lubed, works great, acquired replacement coil just in case)
2) find why machine freezes when at TILT. (found it magnetized against the tilt wall, not a persistent issue)
3) clean and wax (SHINY)
4) level the legs (not pressing)
5) clean outlane switch to better time with kickback, prevent ball resting (bent/adjusted rollover switch)
6) investigate center post spring + ledge for consistent gameplay
6a) replace with new compression spring (DONE)
6b) replace/fix latch on center post locking mechanism (will order replacement just in case)
7) replace beer seal
8) replace dead inline switch (adjusted rollover, switch was fine)
9) install replacement rubbers we received

10) reduce strength of pop bumpers, if possible
11) correct left slingshot.
12) adjust flipper position to the dots

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