Sunday, September 22, 2013

Street Fighter 2: documenting the issues

I'm going to move to a different format for lists.  Numbers won't cut it for this game.  It's a player's game.  It's been operated on, heavily.
There will be much damage to undo, and much healing to take place.
I will just put together a laundry list of things, sorting it from MOST IMPORTANT at top.
Then, I will put together a list of things DONE, just in the order I do them.

new Gottlieb System 3 power module + fuses
reattaching all of the ground wires
replace VUK solenoid to correct one (should be A-26450)
fix the ramp subways / Stargate ramps  (replacing fuse?)
deep clean of playfield, removing all plastics and cleaning the screws
replace left flipper solenoid with correct one  (should be A-25959)
cleaning the under-playfield troughs
firmly attaching the coin doorreplace playfield glass
replace all playfield rubbers
get cliffy protectors replace 3 Gottlieb flipper bats
Replace car crash flipper rubber

new beer seal
Flipper rubber for Chun Li
Replaced flipper rubbers (except car crash flipper)
Cleaned backbox charring + replaced dead + charred lightbulbs
initial basic playfield cleaning

This is a weird thing to have:  extended padding at the top of the VUK cover.  Reason?  The ball usually jumps out and BANGS the glass!  Reason?  I found there was a Williams coil in there, AE-24-900, when it should be a Gottlieb A-26450.  New part ordered.  And the playfield glass does need replacing, but not going to bother until this is under control.

This is the right VUK, and it works dandy.

This shows how a lot of the metal parts are going to need some love.

Here we can see the left and right ramps, and I call them Subways but they call them Stargate Ramps.  They are supposed to raise up, giving an extra shot, but neither do.  This seems suspicious!  I checked the schematics and found F25 is a fuse for BOTH, so time to order a replacement fuse.
Hopefully that will do the trick.

Thankfully, the software compensates in the mean time, accepting a successful shot up either ramp when really it is supposed to be open underneath.

Oh did I mention the coin door is basically held on by bubble gum?
ummmm nope.

Yeah...  let's get that taken care of.

F25 (bottom, 2nd from left) looks suspiciously different.

Add this to the list of weird power issues:  There is no LINE INPUT FUSE.  the whole thing looks melted.  PBResource has these entire units on special for $25 so I am just going to try and play it safe and get a replcement.  Oh and that ground wire in the upper right was NOT initially connected.
That fuse F1 is just before the "Line Filter", so who knows if and how that has potentially mucked things up, with the line filter being unprotected.
Once I get this replaced I will begin addressing the grounding issues, as well get in to the known Gottlieb System 3 grounding problems.

I am not sure if it is at all related, but I noticed some sparks/arcing by the right flipper.  the shooter lane assembly here is transparent, allowing you to faintly see through.

You can see the sparks in this short video:


  1. I am having this problem with the Power Brick here with my Street Fighter 2 pin .. Mine is the other fuse .. The Fuse Holder snapped and will no longer lock the fuse into place .

    I have brought a few different fuse holders but they are not the same from the factory .

    I have been told I have to tear apart the Power brick to replace the fuse holder . I do not see how I can do this? From the bottom the wires are black wire taped? or Hard wired .. Please I hope you can help. please send e-mail to

    TY for your time

    1. I'd contact Steve at Pinball Resource and see if he has a spare power supply to replace the whole thing.