Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rocky & Bullwinkle updates

Ever since I approached the ROM upgrade, I've had to be face-to-face with the weak connectors.  I think I have isolated the connector issue to the power board.  It's not so bad, except every once in a while the game resets.  More obscurely, the audio board resets.  The game play continues, but I hear the reset of the audio and on a subsequent cue it picks it up and keeps going.
I will probably have to rebuild some connectors, so let's update task item #13.
13) have power & ground board connectors rebuild for stability

that's the power board on the left.  See the black electrical tape?  That's because there was a loose wire connected to nothing.  Where did that come from?  I have no idea.  But I taped it JUST IN CASE.  Those power connectors need help.
this is the power board.  CN1, CN2, Cn7 are all suspects for my current issues.

I have to move the flippers a tad.   So....
15) adjust flippers to the dots

1) replacing the SAVED decals.
2) wire Lion to 32 V instead of 50 V
3) replace the back box hat trick padding
4) replace plastic Lion in hat trick
5) try troubleshooting audio connections to eliminate hum, perhaps a ground missing?
6) replace ball drain kicker
7) find a replacement WABAC ramp.
8) Update ROMs to 1.3
9) remove pop bumper screw.
10) repair first left orbit switch so that the diverter can work and the back glass animation can be awesome once more.
11) level the legs
13) have power & ground board connectors rebuild for stability
14) replace beer seal
 15) adjust flippers to the dots

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