Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Street Fighter 2: connector anxiety

So my friend sent me a new Gottlieb system 3 driver board and while I await it's arrival I wanted to make sure all of the connectors are correct.

The connectors come labeled, but the glue is long since hardened and many of them have followed off.  Those that still had a sticker hanging on for dear life, I bent in to the machines mouth with sharpie in hand and attempted scribing the connector names on them.  Not as easy as it sounds from my awkward angles of approach!

I unplugged the 2 mismatched connectors.  There was a pair still labeled, so that was an easy connection, and that left just 2 cables unplugged:
this one from the transformed

this one (oh so elegantly labeled) heads up to the back box

Then I got nervous.  See ANY ISSUES HERE?
Yeah, top cables has 18 wires going in, bottom one has 14 wires coming out.  Was this expected?  WTF?  WHYYYYY?

I dug in to the schematics:

A12J1 connector

A12P1 connector

As we can see it was indeed by design.  For REASONS.
but my doubt was squashed, connected them, and I should be done with those dastardly under-playfield connectors now.

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