Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monopoly progress

Got a few little goodies for Monopoly via my Marco order that came via Allentown pickup.  
It's a small thing, but what I was most excited about was just my new little spinner.  I ordered the decals from Action Pinball, where I also  got the spare cop targets.  The spinners come blank and decals were easy enough to get on.

check that warping in the old one on the bottom!
I also got 2 new standup targets, but I am keeping them as spares for the right and left (Free Parking) shots.

I wanted to finish up the under-playfield LEDs, and that meant taking off the Chance / Community Chest scoop.  Like the subway ramps on SF2, this was super dirty, and cleaned up really easy.  Swapped in LEDs for the now-exposed parts of the Monopoly board as well.

you can see some glow brighter, but that's because I ran out of the Warm Whites.  I am just using Natural Whites (the brighter ones) for the corner squares.

While I was under with the power on I noticed that an LED was out on the bank door's opto receiver board.  I am unsure as to what this signifies.  I assumed that opto was out, but I ran edge tests and each one closed separately as a ball went over it.

Mark that down for later investigation...

Right now the big challenge for Monopoly will be to find that LEFT RAMP! 
If you have a spare left ramp, please oh please let me buy it.  :)
I am not going to put much more money in to this machine, beyond standard maintenance, but the last thing to do is replace both ramps and all of the plastics.  I have a right ramp, a full plastics set, I've gotten everything working reliably, and now it's all LEDs. (except for a final few, and flashers)

And mylar, going to lay down some mylar on the damage to minimize any further wear.  Well, not mylar, but a lower tack clear covering.  I was originally going to go for mylar, but then was told about Pinball Pal's Stealth protectors.  Apparently wonderful, but the man running the site has had persistent health problems, and so it's been out of commisison.   We wish him well!
In the meantime I got a recommendation for a more basic product:  Avery Self-Laminating Sheets.
I ordered a pack, and will use that to reinforce parts of the playfield.  I will report back at how successful it is, and how well the ball handles around the edges.  Especially when going slowly.

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