Monday, May 26, 2014

Out Of Sight: all done, ready to go!

Let's take a moment to realize Caitlyn discovered how to use the panorama feature on her phone and take in the game room:

That's it, take it all in... because as we've learned around here, things change rapidly.

I am now done with Out Of Sight.  It plays 100% and looks great and I already have a perfect trade lined up:  I will be trading it for another non-working EM!  Perfect!  Project done, time for a new project.  This new project might be a bit tougher since one local tech was already stumped by it, but who knows.  I'm taking the gamble.

I am still waiting on an LED order from Comet to finish replacing all of the incandescents on this machine.  I am hoping the non-frosted yellows will be bright enough for inserts, but we shall see.  Worst case scenario, if they aren't, I'll put full intensity whites beneath them.
Also want the entire title in the backglass to have colour changing LEDs for the maximum psychedelic feel.

There was one minor issue with a single drop light not coming on to indicate its bonus status, but that turned out to be a musty socket that took well to a good cleaning.
Apparently there is a tool to help clean/file out those sockets, but I manged with an L shaped switched tool, some paper towels, and a cleaner solvent.

I have also been cleaning the score reels, which was an odd thing since I did it without taking them out.  Just got the game to varied scores, then went in to the back glass and started scrubbing at the reels.  They glow quite cleanly now.

The delightfully easily to work with lighting assembly

Good-bye Out Of Sight!  And heeeeellloooo new project, coming soon!

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