Saturday, August 30, 2014

Introducing... BAYWATCH!

I am soooo excited to have this here.  Back when I first got back in to pinball, Baywatch was high on my list of machines to own and here it is!
It fit 2 great criteria:  Cheap (thank you cheeseball theme!) and Awesome (thank you, expansive playfield loaded with great shots!)

The guy who lent me Beat The Clock had lent me this game as well, but I quickly realized it was not going anywhere.

I will do a huge teardown in the fall, as the game needs a deep shop job.  I have a stack of stuff coming in.
Ordered some replacements plastics from Bay Area Amusements.
Ordered a snapped wire actuator arm from Pinball Parts Australia.
Ordered an external battery holder and some metal bits from Pinball Resource.
Ordered a full rubber kit, new bottom translite trim, light brackets, replacement coil and other things from Marco Specialties.
And finally, ordered a giant bucket of LEDs from Comet Pinball.

Once assembled, I will be stripping most everything off the playfield, getting all of it working 100%, deep cleaning, moving to full LED lighting, and slowly putting it all back together.

Technical report coming LATER, but for now here is a shot of it with the head off:

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