Thursday, August 28, 2014

new adventures in leg cleaning!

I took a trip to Home Depot and picked up:
- a 3 foot long piece of ABS tubing, 3" diameter.
- An end cap for it
- a cap with a screw on lid
- some ABS cement, and safety goggles.
A quick google gave me the tips for how to best use the ABS cement, and I affixed both ends without issue out on my back deck.  I let it cure for 2 hours while I made dinner.

What I was left with was a tightly sealed tunnel the perfect size for soaking pinball legs in Evapo-Rust!

Looking down the tube with a leg in it...
Remember that scene in Tank Girl where she is shoved down that ever slimming tube?  *shudder*

Rust spots on the legs...


Black painted legs:  The rust had ruined the black paint areas, but when the rust is gone the damage it did is ever more striking.  Treated, on the left.  Untreated, on the right.

And even the hardware bits got a soak for a few hours:


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