Thursday, November 27, 2014

Baywatch: getting to the grime

After the utter filth beneath the apron was discovered in my last post, a cursory examination showed a mission critical issue with the shop job:  Nothing else would ever be clean while the trough beneath the playfield was crusted in filth.
It was a common shot in the game, to enter that lifeguard tower, and each time the ball ran the distance it just pushed the dirt along and in to the game.

So no point working on the top (and testing) while this  was there.

filthy filthy filthy trough!
I thought it would be a near impossible mission, but with only unscrewing about 18 bolts, removing 2 standups, and disconnecting 1 switch, I was able to carefully work the ramp out of the harness and off the playfield without having to really disassemble things too much.

I ended up cleaned lots of that caked on blackness as well.

I wish I took a better picture, but ummm, eww.

of course it cleaned up quite nicely:

Then back in to the machine!  Played a test game and it was all good.
I decided to be eager and start the mad puzzle of tearing down the playfield.  10 minutes in?  STUCK.  Dammit.  I'm not strong enough for this one screw.  Booooo.
Will have to enlist help another time.

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