Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Baywatch: winter is coming.

Fuck daylight savings time.  Who needs this anymore?  Certainly not parents with young kids.
Welp, now that I see no sunlight, time for a project I guess?  BAYWATCH:  prepare to get shopped!

some of the many replacement bits going in to the machine!

Between parts and LEDs, almost $400 will be put in to it.  And that doesn't even include a DMD swap.

I had a bit of time tonight so decided to work on the apron area.


On the right hand side I could find little pockets of dirt that had obviously been cultivating since 1995.

To get the hard-to-reach areas, I find a utility tooth brush works great.  Then get a clothe in there to wipe up the dirty Novus 2 froth.

I then spent some time with a bottle of Goo-gone and a razor blade to get the old tape off of the apron metal.

And finally, I got to replace my first plastic!  This busted right inlane plastic is the most noticeable of them all.  I added 1" lexan washers to both sides as well, so here is to hoping that extends their lifespan.
note the giant chunk missing

ahhhh all fresh and spunky and protected!

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