Thursday, December 4, 2014

Baywatch: reassembly progress!

I have been super busy and only working on this machine in fits and starts.
Each step of the way I have been hand scrubbing each plastic, wireform, screw, etc before putting it back on.  The hardcore people would be tumbling each of the metal parts and repaiting the wireforms and blowtorching the swirls from the plastics, but nuts to that, I barely have the time for this!

This is a huuuuuuge improvement over what it was!  So much brighter, so much cleaner.  I want to get this 100% back together in the next few days.

Dammit, I planned on selling this game, but if it plays that much better after this rebuild?  rrrrrrrggh might be tough to let go.  :)

Next weekend?  There might be a new thing arriving.  Just saying, I might have a beat up Target Alpha on the way!!!!!!!!
Also:  swapping out my ST:TNG playfield for 2 of my grail pieces:  Space Riders and Genie playfields!!!
Also:  swapping out the somewhat dark FreeFall backglass for a classic 60s Williams Zig Zag!
And over the holidays?  A few more marquees are on the way.  Things are all coming together.  :)

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