Friday, December 12, 2014

Corvette right flipper

The right flipper on Corvette just suddenly stopped working.  Since I had recently installed a new flipper button on that side, I went in to the switch test.
I found the left flipper's two switch optos were tight, but the right had a flakey second one!  Reseating the cable seemed to help a bit in the switch test, but still the flipper didn't work.
I ended up removing the fliptronic board:

I cleaned the optos with windex and cleaned the board as a whole.  This improved the performance in the switch edge test!

But, still flipper didn't work.  Under the playfield, the solution was obvious:  wire had disconnected from the flipper coil's lug.  Ooops.
Lesson learned:  Start at the beginning and work backwards, even if you have a hunch where you think the problem might be from.

At the very least, cleaner opto board!
I don't even think the second opto mattered at all though, since there is only a single flipper on the right side.

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