Thursday, February 5, 2015

Back to Corvette

Hey, remember this game?  I haven't written much about it.  Guess I've been too busy just playing it?
OK, kinda.  I had tried to get in to it at one point, but lifting it up I felt one side of the playfield wasn't properly supported at the tilt axis point.
I finally got someone in to help me and they quickly found the issue:  A bolt had fallen off and in to the cab.  Got that properly connected and in we could go!

oh hey we might need that.

ayyup, there it goes!

I had thought the "light kickback" diode needed replacement since it wasn't registering well, but that turned out to be cracked solder joint.  That got fixed.

I've written about the right inlane alignment before, and this finally got fixed in a more permanent way by threading in so toothpick wood.  Here is to hoping that holds!

Coming up for Corvette, I am going to have a support for the entrance gate on the LT5 fixed up.  Right now it's kind of sloppily tied to the VUK wireform since the LT5 ramp is cracked.
This is and always will be a player's copy, but I will do whatever I can to have it playing as 100% as possible!

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