Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dragon: further work

1st rollover light not working in the upper rollovers?  Just a loose bulb/socket.

Issue with the game not starting up properly?  The player unit in the back has a HARD TIME getting warmed up and moving. 
I am going to bring someone in who knows a thing or two about european motors to take a look at it. 
The similar motor under the playfield moves fine.  That one is used for scoring multiples and such, so gets lots of activity.  The one in the head moves for players only, so far less activity.  I think it might be lagging due to ceased grease somewhere.

Then the other major issue is the sustained beeping of the sound board.  2 things could be at play here:  The sound and scoring are controlled by point-awarding solenoids.  Those could be sticking on:  CM, DM, ML, CE each connect to trigger a point sound, then release to score, which is happening.
I cleaned each of them and it definitely reduced the occurrences of the issue, but not perfect yet.  Apparently I can get some relevant contact cleaner to make sure they stick less.

in the head:  the scoring relays are easily accessible here, right up the middle.

Failing that, perhaps the occasional target switch is sticking on?  That would also cause the same issue.  Will remember to go clean those eventually.

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