Thursday, October 22, 2015

Alien Poker: more progress

I want to spend a moment complaining about the length of EOS switches.  The old ones on this Alien Poker?  LONGER.

I got replacements,  the double-stack EOS on the bottom right flipper got swapped out, and the dang thing got stuck in the upright position!  What was happening?  The part of the flipper mech that hits the EOS switch was getting caught on the metal on the end.  The old one was like a 1/4" longer.
I eventually managed to bend a curve in to it so it does not get caught, but this was a pricey EOS stack!  I shouldn't have to do that.  Bleh.

This other EOS switch I have is the right length for the upper right flipper.

those actually line up to be the same length.

but not the left flipper..  WTF.
the new EOS only goes to where the bend starts in the old EOS

2 of the brackets have cracked coil stops.  Fun fun fun.  Oh and these are also the kinds where the coil stops are fused to the whole flipper assembly bracket.

The spinner on  this game was sitting 90 degrees off, and the bars were just too bent to get it to sit in place, so I was given an old spinner from another game and swapped that in.
It sat perfectly and oh how satisfying this shot is now!
(and yes I removed that old spinner from the playfield)

Another discovery was that the lockdown latch  (which is a bit bent) must have at one point cinched wires at the front of the playfield.  These got a bunch of electrical tape wrapped around them, but will need to be sealed properly with a heat gun.


I stumbled on a few spare rubbers to swap in.  While cleaning I had noticed that under each plastic there was a measurement for each rubber on the playfield artwork.  Convenient!  So I cleaned a bunch of the plastics, gathered a list of rubbers I would need to finish, and swapped in the rubbers that I did. 
This was also a good time to sub in the new rollovers lane I had bought/
soooooo much prettier than the faded old ones!

Finally, left sling was not working and I regapped it and it was working ok.  But, then it wasn't...  hmm might need to look in to that more.

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