Monday, October 12, 2015

Central Park: mostly working!

With a local women's event coming up, I really wanted to get Central Park playing adequately, and there were a few problems to address.
The Yellow (1-5) and green (6-10) are their own separate banks.  Sometimes it seemed like not all of the numbers would properly reset (light) on each bank.

One big issue was that the 1-3-5 rollover was reseting the bank entirely!
I did some testing and realized it was any of the 1-3-5 or 6-8-10 rollovers that would do this.  When those are hit they lunch a relay that pulls down those individual relay banks.
The 2-4 and 7-9 rollover switches just try and pull both of their numbers down at the same time.  Some time this fails, meaning I probably need to clean those.

But on to the other relays, causing the resetes!

click to embiggen!
I started my search at this point in the schematics, thinking a short along the B and X switches allowing the 1-3-5 rollover to trigger a reset.
But that was before I realized the 6-8-10 was doing the same thing.  After spinning my wheels on the above stuff, the X and Y relays especially, I checked specifically the reset logic:

click to embiggen!

So while the X and Y relays are used to reset, so is the SB relay, so I inspected the Brown wire there, and that was the issue:
Not on, the switch is closed, and it shouldn't be.

and when closed, it is closed.  As it should be.

These switch banks handily pivot out for working on them.

After regapping that switch, those rollovers no longer caused the resets!

I tested the 5 targets, but then noticed a new issue:  The X relay was coming on, but then locking on!  Uh oh.
Why was it not locking on?  Check the top schematic, it is supposed to release on a motor position.  But, the motor wasn't running.

Why wasn't it running?
Yeah that wire probably goes to that empty lug.

With that reconnected on the X relay, the Y releay also required cleaning and adjusting.
With that taken care of, both banks were scoring properly and reseting when they should!

One downside of this game, if and when you get the middle targets past the 50 point mark to Special, they stop scoring.  For an EM game, specials are worthless.  I might consider modifying the game so it tops out at the 50 points mark.... hmmm

Oh and this was also in the 6-10 (+SB) bank.  The reset solenoid sleeve:
Yes, that is a crack that, like lightning, comes down, then does a 400+ degree rotation through the sleeve.

Still a few things that need to be made more reliable.
Locks need to be added to the back box and coin door...
LEDs need to be added to replace burnt bulbs...
But, mostly working!

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