Saturday, April 30, 2016

Introducing... Meteor???

Meteor?  Really?

Where is it?  It's not here...  oh wait there it is!

So yeah Meteor is at my friend's house.  He was converting his Blue Chip to LEDs, so I asked him yo also do Meteor, and that's when things spiraled out  of control.
Did you know that 1979 Stern games weren't made to handle LEDs? did you? DID YOU?? 

First up you need to add some resistance since LEDs have very little draw, and that's solved by this clever little kit.
Then you need your LEDs.
Then you need to fix the bulbs that aren't working by replacing a logic chip.
Then you need to realize you fixed the wrong thing and replace the SCRs for the lamps.
Then you need to realize the schematics were wrong and you replaced the wrong SCRs.

Follow the saga:

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