Friday, April 29, 2016

Sealing backglasses with Triple Thick

So I have this friend and...  well at first I sold him a pachinko I didn't have room for.  and then wouldn't you know it he had a basement and I needed a home for a pinball machine.  So he took my Sinbad.
Then I got a Meteor, and didn't have room, so he took that too.
Oh and hey he also bought a Blue Chip!

So oops, my bad, suddenly he has an arcade in his basement.

He is also a licensed electrician and breezes through tech issues in a tenth of the time they take me to address, so I will be posting up videos of his work as we go. 

But first up, I wanted to share his great videos about sealing backglasses with Triple Thick.  If you have any machine with a backglass, YOU NEED TO SEAL IT NOW.  Those things are falling apart more and more by the day, especially if you have incandescent bulbs back there.

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