Saturday, June 16, 2018

Introducing... No Good Gofers


My biggest purchase ever, I am so happy to have this game down here.  It's a fabulous table, and a great kid-friendly theme as I do want to keep my games really appealing to young kids while my daughter and friend's kids are all relatively young.

One new thing I want to do here is include high res photos of all of the boards I take before I disconnect the wires.  Figure this might be a useful thing for people at random times in the future.  Games have to have their heads off to get downstairs.

A few little things to take care of right away
not having the ramp secured to beneath meant the ball could fly away as the ramp warped

the right screw on the slam ramp was perpetually loose, so used Loctite to secure it. 
I have a playfield protector for this game, but have yet to install it.  The game is in incredible shape, so I definitely want to preserve it.

The game came with a NOS set of extra gofers, but I will opt to not put them on at the time being.
The gofers are also having "locking" issues, where the game raises them up but they fail to latch in the upright position, falling down and taking the ramp with them.
I purchased Cliffy-made latch replacements and once I install them it should solve the issue.

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