Friday, November 29, 2013

the OTHER game room

...AKA my office/studio space.

I got an X-Arcade Tankstick last year and have finally set things up to be perfect for it, prompted by the release of The Pinball Arcade for PC (via Steam).
I moved my 24" wide screen to a vertical position to best hold Pinball Arcade.  I had a 19" monitor as my secondary, and just today bought a 22" widescreen for $50.

Pinball Arcade:  THE THEATRE

The dual setup is great for MAME as well.  I have my horizontal games configed for the left monitor, and the vertical games configed for the right.


I had a bunch of issue with the mouse aspects of the Tankstick, but the tech people were super helpful and the issue was the plastic sleeves of the spare cables inside the stick had slipped, closing connections.
I retaped the ends on and it worked perfectly.
Pinball Arcade still needs to implement mouse options properly so I can assign the left and right mouse buttons to nudges.  THEN, the setup will be pretty much perfect.

this is what the tankstick looks like on the inside

It is cool to see how plug-and-play the setup is.  Inspiring!

These are the spare cables.  Some of the sleeves had slipped, so I just taped the loose end.s

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