Sunday, December 8, 2013

Flintstones quick update

I popped open the playfield today to look at the drop targets and it was an easy fix.  The plastic bottom of the 'K' drop had slipped below the bar, thus never letting it get back to reset position.
The plastic is a bit malleable, so I was able to flex it a bit and get the bar back under it.

Then there is the mystery 800,000 points scored every time I was hitting a flipper.
Mind you, not EVERY time.  Some times it didn't award it, so a mystery was afoot!

Googling for Flintstones and 800,00 I found this post about a Flintstones repair and they had something similar occur.

 From their repair notes:

10/21/2012 15:38:06  All 3 flippers rebuilt, repaired fliptronic board - replaced 2x TIP36C transistors, repaired left 3 bank target pcb - bottom target opto was scoring on any drop in voltage due to coils firing or other loads on the 110v ac line. My heat gun made it score 800,000 points when turned on! This was interesting, never seen that before. Replaced swelled upper right flipper coil - swelled up - over heated. Broken micro-switch on the "Machine" toy. Repaired play-field slide mechanism - missing collar nut made whole play-field tilted to the left and darn hard to pull out for service. Painted inside left cabinet wall - where the play-field was digging in during lift. Fixed a lot of light sockets, bad solder and many minor issues under the play-field. Fixed the trans-light bubble on back-glass. New inst cards. Almost done.... the gold legs are ugly, oh joy, we get to clean the legs.

for me, it was the middle target, the 'E' drop.  When it was down it can't score any more, and so the coils firing weren't scoring the extra 800,000 points.
The shooter coil and flippers were causing this voltage drop, but the pops weren't.

So I can take a look at the PCB, or worst case scenario, you can get new ones for $33.

fix always-down 'K' drop target
Get metal plate for underneath pop bumper bakelight
File down mushrooming on upper flipper (bottom two were done)
extra GI mods:  lights in the city plastics, dinosaur plastic
Fix broken 3-bank drop target PCB, scores 800,000 points when flipper/shooter solenoids drop the voltage.

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