Tuesday, December 31, 2013

SF2: cleaning under the hood

I had wanted to get deep under SF2 for a while.  The car-crash playfield needed some work, and the subways under the playfield were black with filth.  They are supposed to be translucent.
right subway

left subway and car-crush playfield
First thing I did was the easiest:  completely remove the right subway and clean it, with excellent results:

The car-crush playfield has a few connectors that I labelled and disconnected, then 8 screws to remove it.  Well actually, just 4 screws.  Seems a prior owner had borrowed half the screws for other applications!  Thank goodness I had sought out backups of the exact type in weeks prior.

Here it is on my freezer workbench.

There should be a spring on either side, meaning the car crush was easier due to less resistance.

Both springs re-affixed, everything cleaned, and flipper rubber changed.  Time to re-attached the plastic ceiling plate.
I took the car off for later repairs.  I will see if I can render a new front bumper to it.  As you can see, the red remnants are snapped off and stuck at the front car-crash plate.

Now it was time for the difficult task:  cleaning that left subway!

getting closer...

Taking the car crush off was essential.  I then had to remove the left VUK to get at 3 fastening screws under there.

VUK removed.  Getting closer...
And then...  damn OK this ramp isn't coming off.  Look at the image of the whole under-side playfield.  The wiring harness has securely trapped the winding plastic and even after removing some lights and drop targets, could not find a reasonable way to get the plastic out without detaching the massive wiring harness.  #uggh.

So what to do then?  IMPROVISE!
No way I am letting that filthy ramp survive unattended.

a drain clog cleaner I picked up last week

I then folded paper towels around it, secured with a rubber band, covered in Windex, and then forced down the plastic at the VUK opening.  It would come back filthy each time.  PROGRESS!

It's not perfect, but it is MUCH BETTER.

So. Much. Better.

Right now my big problem with SF2 is getting in to the flippers.  Anyone have any advice for loosing those 2 bolts?  I tried with all of my strength but couldn't get them to budge.

My nemesis.  well, that and my allen key.  You are all my... nemesi?
I have the flipper rebuild kit, but that doesn't help if I can't get in to it!


install cliffy protectors
get non-ghosting LEDs (and replacing dead bulbs)
clean + adjust the flippers
adjust left extra ball center target
fix car + reattach
deep clean of playfield, removing all plastics + replace upper-playfield rubbers
replace playfield glass

clean car-crash mech and replace flipper rubber
cleaning the under-playfield troughs
got flipper replacement kit (holding on to it, will use it when needed)
got stargate ramp coils (but not reason to do it yet though)
fix 2 out lights in backbox
secure coin door
solder diode across the right slingshot coil.  Replace Q3 transistor on driver board.
left VUK: new spring, new plunger
get replacement fuses for under the PF
re-secured VUK mounts to provide extra-strong kicks + added extra screws
installed lower playfield rubbers
installed new power module
replaced Q3 transistor to solve right slingshot issue
reattached ground wires
replaced VUK solenoid to correct one
replaced fuse for stargate ramps
reattach tilt mechanism
bend left playfield bracket back in to proper place
new beer seal
Flipper rubber for Chun Li
Replaced flipper rubbers (except car crash flipper)
Cleaned backbox charring + replaced dead + charred lightbulbs
initial basic playfield cleaning 

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