Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rocky & Bullwinkle: adding a Boris button!

My R&B had been routed and had a few non-original parts installed as fixes, and I've done a pretty good job of getting it closer to it's original state.
I will never bother hunting for a Nell mechanism, but that is a pretty useless toy as far as I'm concerned.  But from a presentation standpoint, I had always wanted to get the original Boris target button on the start button.

the old green button with the NOS Boris button that just arrived!

The old switch had been hacked in to place.  The backs of these normally have 5 plugs, but mine only had 2, and then 3 wires soldered.
Well OK one was a wire that had a diode that attached at the left, the other had a wire that went to one plug, and then had a diode running to another plug.  Then 2 normal plugs.

I didn't have any plugs or anything, and so I too would have to hack along if I wanted to get this installed!
 First up was getting the white bit away from the black bit.  On the NOS button, it was an effortless click.  On this old one is was a battle of will and strength I had to walk away from twice until I could finally dislodge it.
The white piece slides out with a bulb on the end for easy replacement.

I noted the wires + connector locations, desoldered the wires from the connectors, and prepped to get my new switch wired up.  I would have loved to just use this old switch, but it just didn't quite fit in to the new button chasis correctly.

Soldering is hard enough, but bending over in to the machine to do it certainly doesn't help!
I attached this clip to give added weight to the dangling mechanism while I worked on it.

rawwrrr, stay put!

And shockingly, I managed to reconnect it faster than taking it apart!

sure it's a hack, but it's MY hack.

They totally ripped that off of Public Enemy.

In the end the light isn't that bright, but when my LEDs come I will try putting an LED 555 in there.
It might have something to do with the hackzilla of wires in there?  But ahh well, it's working fine at least.

Oh what's that?  LEDs?  Yes, I placed an order for some treats!
I am going to put LEDs at strategic places in SF2 and R+B.  I also ordered Cliffy Protectors for SF2, as well a Gottlieb flipper rebuild kit.  I maybe should have looked in to one that included the upper flipper as well, but at least having the bottom flippers rebuilt will be nice.  Maybe with the know-how acquired form that endeavor I will be able to clean + tweak that upper SF2 slipper.
OK, I should stop talking about SF2, this is R+B's time to shine!  Oh right, I also ordered the SAVED decals for R+B since one is missing on mine.

I am not sure if I will ever bother replacing the cracks in the R+B ramps since replacing them is costly and they don't damper game play.  I might look in to restoring them, though.

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