Monday, January 27, 2014

Flintstones: drop bank board FIXED!

I got great advice from commenter Atomicboy that it was most likely a cracked solder joint. 
Since the problem just moved down the line after replacing the center opto, I figured they were probably right, so I reflowed solder on the board and LO!  It works now!
No false-positives when the solenoids go off.  I wish I had been able to identify which one it was, but hey, it's playing great now.

I wasted money on optos I didn't need, but they can go in the spare parts bin.
At least I didn't spend $34 on a new PCB like most everyone else who was dealing with this issue did.

I do need to get another E clip though.  It's kind of scary:  you are removing the PCB and taking off those little clips then... *tinkle* it has fallen... somewhere.  I couldn't locate it.  I reviewed every wire beneath and made sure that it wasn't somewhere shorting out something, but I will be a touch paranoid until I find it again.
Cardinal rule:  Always have a white sheet beneath where you are working to make it easy to find anything that has fallen!

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