Saturday, January 25, 2014

Street Fighter 2: fixing the basics

In a short span there were 2 pieces of important plastic that broke on SF2:
The inner tip of the right flipper button busted off.  It was still kind of stuff in place inside, so I could play it, but the flipper button might fly off if you aren't secureing it.
Then a piece of the shooter rod broke off!  Never expected that.  SF2 has a skill shot that requires precision timing to an audio cue, so you need to be able to rocket off that plunge with an exact amount of force at a precise time.  that means pulling back the plunger and letting it "snap" off of your finger.  I guess the plastic was just aged, and the little snap plunge took a chunk out of it.


 Luckily Steve Young has a great stock of Gottlieb System 3 parts available.  (seriously, I'm scared to own a game he doesn't have a massive overstock of parts for)

Rebuilt and ready for action!

New button, new plunger rod, and we are back to 100%!

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