Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rocky & Bullwinkle; 600 DPI plastic scans

FireBrandX on pinside has done the world a great favour and scanned in a NOS plastics set they won off ebay.  Most of them still had the blue plastic seal on them.

I have offered to host them.  Download here:

Thanks, Wolff!


  1. Superb work by him, and way better than the scans I did of my broken plastics.

  2. Thanks! Actually the "missing" list text file is incomplete. Here's the full "missing" list:

    1. Cabinet & Backbox art.
    2. Backglass art.
    3. Apron decals.
    4. Pop bumper cap decals.
    5. Pie display decal.
    6. Return ramp decal.
    7. WABAC ramp decal.
    8. SAVED decals.
    9. Hat Trick decals.
    10. Backbox Hat Trick plates.
    11. Backbox Bullwinkle right arm.
    12. Playfield board art.
    13. Start & Boris Buttons.