Saturday, February 8, 2014


Lots of stuff going on!
I picked up a Dolly Parton backglass from a great in Montreal for a good price.  It had some paint flaking, so I set out to learn how to repair and protect it!
I went straight to Clay's amazing guide and it was full of all the info I needed.

After an initial coat of Triple Thick, I had to deal with the paint that was already delaminating, as well re-attach small pieces that had fallen off in transit.
The cling wrap method is used to help seal in the loose bits.  Lay on the triple thick, cover in cling wrap, let dry for a long time.  When successful, the plastic wrap should peel off easily.
Most if it did for me, but I had trouble spots, and some spots seem to have been made worse.

So here is attempt #2, wherein I added books to press down on the loose areas.

In the end most of it came off OK, and the parts that didn't I just trimmed with scissors.  It doesn't really matter if the back has a bit of old plastic wrap on it, all that matters  is that the paint won't delaminate further.

This is heading to a friend's house.  We will be acquiring an even better condition one for ourselves soon.

The one on the right was very useful for extra attention to the problem areas.  It required an acrylic brush for application

So yeah, Dolly backglass on the way!  That's all part of a trade.  Sad to say, my Xenon playfield is GONE!  Off to live again in a Xenon machine, replacing a horribly beaten playfield.  I coveted it greatly for my wall, but there is no better place for a playfield than in bringing a machine back to life.

Oh Xenon playfield, you will be missed.  Your empty space on the wall is...  OH WAIT, WHAT IS THAT?
What IS THAT in front of where the Xenon playfield was?  Why it looks like a TOP SCORE!
Yes, that is right, an EM has returned to the back room!  
This is just a loan from a friend, but oh is it super fun.  Expect to hear much about it soon.

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