Sunday, February 16, 2014

scans of the Gottlieb Top Score manual + schematics

I have scanned in the schematics for Top Score, as well the manual, additional coin mech schematics, and all of the paper ephemera that was included in the envelope.  Including the tattered envelope itself.

The quality of the schematics is OK, just a few blurry parts caused by the yellowing and wavering paper, but it came out pretty well, and all of the other documents are great.

PDF Contents include:
Top Score coin chute circuits
Top Score manual
Top Score operator note
Top Score schematic
misc - caution A-5988
misc - envelope A-14390
misc - important notice B-7921-1
misc - parts catalogue order form B-8371-5
misc - replays 1 A-16141
misc - replays 2 A-14818
misc - replays 3 A-14306
misc - replays 4 A-14820
misc - replays 5 A-14819
misc - replays 6 A-14710
misc - score cards A-16282-2
misc - tilt settings A-9099-1


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