Thursday, February 20, 2014

Top Score continued

Back at Top Score tonight since a number of new and old issues have arisen.  I think that a number of them will require a bit more of a deep adjustment than I had given before.

For example, the left outlane bonus switch has been really intermittent, and after fixing it tonight it worked for a bit, then stopped again.  I need it 100%!  The agony of the outlane should at least reward a bonus consistently, no?

The 5th-ball was not scoring my double bonus, but that was an easy one:  The 5th ball relay needed some adjustment.  I cleaned the contacts and adjusted the switches and I think that one should be good to go for a while now.
On ball 5 the bonus light comes on at the left rollover, double bonus light at the bottom, and each bonus is counted as 2000 points.  Aces.

A big new problem is that the spinner is getting stuck at a light.  Usually the middle (of 5).
The spins are awarding 10 points and chiming, but the lights aren't advancing, so at least that narrows down what could be going on.
The spin target triggers the J relay.  J triggers the N relay (10 points), which works fine.  (point of note:  on a 3 ball game, it triggers the M relay for 100 points instead.)
Looking to the 5 "advance" lights in the schematic, they are controlled by the KS relay disc.
Skimming down in the schematics, KS is advanced via Motor 1C+2B and J.  Motor 1C is used in many places, so most likely that is OK.  Tomorrow I should check the J relay contacts because that's most likely what is causing the hangup.  there is some other potential interaction via the I relay and a complex array of other items, so the issue might be deeper.  It should be noticed that after hitting some bonus targets, the spinning would begin advancing the dots again.  A CLUE.
I might have to debug it with the glass off and see if I can recreate specific scenarios.

The KS unit seems like it is supposed to reset the "advance" lights to the 5th position in between each player.  I will have to verify that behaviour is consistent.

I also checked the schematics and realized that the "Special When Lit" should ALSO be awarding 10,000 which would make it super cool, since winning a credit on a home game is pretty ho-hum.  That award is not appearing, so I will have to dive in to that eventually.

Later on I want to talk about the fascinating bonus and FS circuits, and in doing so might also help trace the problem of awarding the 10k special.

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