Monday, May 4, 2015

Arena: done

I had dallied on finishing up Arena since I wanted to have it around for the Pinball Women Ottawa meeting here.  It didn't get a lot of play, but I couldn't, in good conscience, install the NOS ramp and then invite others to play it.
Event came and went, and now it's time for the new ramp to shine!

old ramp vs new
With the proper entrance actually there the ramp shot is a lot more satisfying and the ball isn't prone to wacky airballs, flying off and smashing in to other hard-to-find pieces.
In the photo above the decal, which was ordered from The Pinball Resource, has not yet been affixed.  Decal set also came with new drop target stickers, but those didn't need to be changed.

Here is to hoping maybe some day some enterprising restorer will be able to epoxy the entrance on the old ramp!


Now there is one thing I left hanging with this game:  the Pit plastic is missing.  When I got this machine, there were two UGLY and crude pieces of plastic near the bottom of the Pit / bagatelle playfield.  I couldn't get rid of them fast enough.
I was lucky enough to have my pleas on Pinside answered by member 80spit, who was able to provide me with scans of the upper playfield plastics.  As it turns out there are just 2:  one tiny one in the upper left corner (which I didn't need) and one MASSIVE one that covers the bottom arc, as well the upper right.

I was never able to find a way to print a plastic so large, so that part of the project goes unfinished.  Instead, I release the scans to you, fine pinball community!  Hopefully someone else will be able to utilize these scans and reproduce the plastic, even just in a basic manner.
Large Pit plastic part 1
Large Pit plastic part 2
Upper left Pit plastic

These are the original scans, not compressed in any way.

Finished up with another light cleaning + waxing.  Now to get this back to the owner that graciously lent it to me, and see what is next in line!

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  1. Hi I was sent this link from the MAACA form that I joined. I just finished purchasing my first pinball machine the Arena. I am very excited as is my family and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions as I see you have worked on one before. I’m also in need of a ramp as mine is cracked in the same place and get some ball jumping. I’m also looking for a manual as there is some work that I need to do to get it back up to shape. Thank you for any advice you can share. Thanks Andrew