Thursday, May 14, 2015

Raven: pops and lighting

So all 4 pop bumpers were out, obviously some major power issue with it since I had replaced all of the fuses and found only one was blown.

I also noticed that the lighting rows up to the ramp was not lighting at all, nor the circle of red lights in the middle of the playfield.  No way those 16 or so lights all happened to be burnt.

When changing a few lights under the playfield, there is no way to miss the under-playfield board holding a few smaller circuit boards.
pop bumper control boards

auxiliary lighting board

Oh wait...  so both the extra lights AND  the pop bumpers are out, and they are both on this board?  TOTES SUSPICIOUS.

Here's the schematic confirmation:
from the "Playfield" schematics page of manual

At the bottom we can see that +5V DC comes from the A1J6 connector on the control board, up in the head.  It is most probably that the auxiliary lamp driver and pop bumper driver boards just aren't getting that.
Checked with the DMM, and zero volts between the +5 and ground pins.

Up in the head I noticed the A1J6 connector was JUST slightly askew of perfect.  I removed it and placed it back on, powered up, and problem solved.
All 4 pops now work, as do the light strips.
Well, the red lights in the center only have 2 lights working.  I wonder if the rest are all just burnt?
But hey, progress.

underside of the lighting circle

the light strip to the ramp/orbit on the left side.

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