Thursday, June 11, 2015

Introducing... Eight Ball Deluxe!

Only once did I have a proper taste of the SS machines...  and Beat The Clock just wasn't for me.
But here we are with a wonderful example of the iconic classic, the machine that would set a high water mark against much of the 1980s...


This game is oh so much fun.  A great ruleset, especially consider how it is set up.
For example, get A and B rollovers, then C or D to drop 2 targets.
Collect the 8 ball, then you can spell deluxe to reload the drops during the same ball.

This is a tournament play classic:  The drop target resets fully, then individual drops return the drop bank to the position you left off last time.

And you better damn hope you clear a rack on your first ball or else you're playing mad catchup.

This game was graciously lent to me by a friend who just happened to have doubles.  A good problem to have, and a generous game to offer!

Very little wrong with it, but of course I can always fine-tooth comb some issues:
- the "game over" lights on the backglass don't light, transistor issue
- drop-bank ball #13 doesn't light, also transistor I think
- backglass lights should be swapped for warm #555 bulbs so as not to bake the (NEAR MINT) backglass unneccesarily.
 - inlane clear plastics are makeshift and warped, and should be replaced so the ball always returns smoothly to the flipper (shades of my Corvette issue!)
- right slingshot would fire and stick out
- plunger spring is a bit broke and should be replaced

Here are those inlane plastics.  I think they have been replaced once before with something, but I should try and get some cleaner and smoother plexiglass or lexan forms in there, tracing from a better copy and then adjusting...

ball bump!

bumpity bump on the little lip

I assure you that is not supposed to stick out.  Turns out it just needed a new coil sleeve and general cleaning.

This will have a lot more satisfying punch with a new spring

Oh, and you know what the only downside to this pin is?  The head is massive.
So that's a normal sized head, with an extra large trim at the front.

Yep, that means this great pin is relegated to the exiled "4th position" in my lineup for good due to the size.
Don't worry EBD, you know I still love you.

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