Thursday, June 11, 2015

Raven: investigating board issues, starting ground mods

I brought in some help tonight and we looked in to the persistent issues.
As I suspected, the driver board had ISSUES.

Look around you.  Look around you.  Can you see it?

Oh, here it is:
Pop quiz, pinball hotshot:  are transistors supposed to crumble?




Answer:  no.

Here are some quick notes about the board:
Q22 is L21, the spinner light, which I think is accidentally always ON.
Q35 is L24, the 1X light, and via manual ground testing works fine.
Q46 is L45, the right-bank center lamp.  also operates fine via a ground test (and that is ground transistor manually to verify the device driven by it is A-ok)
Q48 is L47, right ramp exit
Q52 is L51, left ramp exit

Q35 is listed as MPS-A13, but the other above 4 are MPS-U45 (which also reads 8532 on the component.)

Oh but what about the lower right solenoid, you might say?
(yes, you might say this.  Technically true)
Q63 is an MPS-U45 pre-driver for the larger 2N3055 transistor Q64.  We grounded Q64 and the solenoid fired just fine.
But the funny thing?  Testing later, the lower right sniper solenoid fired just fine!  Was it a bad transistor, or just some cracked solder that shifted when we touched it in our test?
Best to reflow that once we have the board out at a later date.

This is all useful stuff for prepping a shopping list.

In the meantime?  Work has been started on the ground mods.
alas, there has to be a better way.  Alas oh Yorick...

Also did work on the upper right drop:  It wasn't registering at all, but now it is.
As well I got the plug changed.  The old one had the ground plug RIPPED OFF, so now we have a proper 3 prong plug attached to the game.

I do need to get on the parts soon, because the game is currently unplayable.  I took a mild emery board to the EOS switch on the right flipper and the contacts readily fell apart, so that flipper is currently useless.

you could also use a new spring, and to not have your diode by the coil stop.  Just saying.

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