Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Corvette: how to tear down the playfield (aka removing the LT5 engine unit)

In the spirit of my post about how to tear down the Baywatch playfield, I wanted to present a concise summary of how to get the playfield apart on a Corvette, with the end goal of getting the LT5 engine out.
I have a lot of pictures in my prior, less-focused post.

Step 1:  remove the right racetrack.  You can follow the instructions as per the "Unit Disassembly For Repair #16-9887" PDF available on the IPDB page.  This race track comes off with just a few screws and connectors being removed.

Step 2: remove the left wireforms.  We are kind of following along the instructions for taking out the LT5, at the very least we take off the plastic engine piece.  There are a few screws around the Pit's VUK wireframe assembly, and the left wireform it is attached to connectors to the left slingshot assembly.  That all comes apart and the wireframe should be easy to remove.

Step 3: remove the right wireforms.  In a similar fashion, considering it is attached to the right slingshot plastic, we can fairly easily take the connected 2 right wireforms.  This will involve some wiggling to get them removed from the ramp, but you should be able to finesse it.

Step 4: removing the back "race ramp" and the "route 66" ramp.  This is all one giant plastic piece.  First up, there is a diverter for route 66.  This is held in place via a single pin beneath the playfield.  The race ramp has a few screws connecting it at the back.  The route 66 portion has a few connectors that need to be remove, and a few screws, including the two small screws at the ramp flap.  One of the connectors feed beneath the Skid Pad ramp, so you'll have to remove the 3 screws for the Skid Pad as well (might be a bit of contortion required) in order to feed that disconnected connector through.  Then the large ramp assembly should come out. 
You can leave the Skid Pad ramp a bit loose as it will be required to move again when feeding that one connector back through the playfield.

Step 5: TAKE OUT THE LT5!   We can get back to the provided documentation for taking out the LT5.  One thing they neglect to mention is that there is a gate controlled by a solenoid that is mounted at the back of the machine.  You'll need to take out the spring that attaches the solenoid to the gate, which I found a touch annoying.
As per the instructions provided by Williams, lots of connectors beneath the playfield, 2 bolts, you should be able to lift the whole thing out.

Step 6: Remove the kickback exhaust assembly.  Not often needed, but while we have those left wireforms
off we can easily take apart the exhaust assembly, if needed.  Meh, why not?  Just a few screws.  Seems kind of an anticlimax after you have that monster LT5 unit out though.


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