Sunday, July 12, 2015

sprucing up the Corvette engine!

There was one glaring aesthetic problem with my Corvette machine, besides the paint on the sides:
The engine was missing the classic wires!

When I noticed that someone had reproduced them, oh happy days!  Joy of joys!
But alas this was just the start of my frustrations all began.
Take a look at what I found:  First, many of the grommets were missing on my engine, only 3 remained in total.
Of those 3, they weren't the right size to fit the plastic!  ack.

nope, nope and uhhhhh nope.

Replacement grommets were found!  And here is a snap of the specs so you too can find them easily...

old grommets on top, new on bottom.
The old ones pushed out readily with the point of a scissor.  Old ones went in with a bit of fuss and the hard edge of a screwdriver to assist.

joy of joys!

They're in!  They're all in!  Well, almost.  The ends of the pipes IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM FIT IN TO THE PLASTIC HOLE.
no fucking way.
In lieu of drilling up the unobtainium engine plastic, I decided to leave it how you see it.  Not super secure, but also not likely to fall out.  It's not like anything will be hitting these, right?

You know what is SO. STUPID.  ???  When the wires are there on the left, the whole thing rubs against the ramp wireform akwardly.
Look at this picture on IPDB.  That is the correct way?  So awkward.

I am going to find a way to have them secure at the upper left and right hand corners so they duck down extra low don't pull out.  But in the mean time?

fuck it.

This is how it will sit in the interim.

I know little about engines, but I do know you connect one hose opening to another hose opening, and that's how engines work.  SCIENCE, AMIRITE?
I bet my Corvette engine is now super suped compared to any others. 

Will update with the rest of repairs soon.  Can't talk, playing pinball.

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